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Mothersuniting was formed in 2003 by a handful of mothers who were heartsick about the direction the world was taking.  We knew in our bones, that unless all mothers’ children were protected from violence and injustice we had no right to expect that our children were going to be safe.  We believed passionately, that as mothers, we have a right and a responsibility to make our voices heard and to press through this culture of fear and alienation and state clearly:

  • We are not raising our children to kill other mother’s children.
  • It is possible to peacefully resolve our differences. 
  • There is more than enough to go around and we can, and will, figure out how to get it around more equitably. 

Today we are more than a handful of mothers (and others), on our way to becoming a movement.  We are not a group of career activists.  We are not propelled forward because we believe we have the solutions to these issues.  We are coming together and moving forward because of our love for our children and our commitment to All children.  We invite all mothers (and others), who have ever loved a child to join us.  We need your help, your passion, your humor and your willingness to work for what you believe.   The rest will follow.  If you are within shouting distance contact us to find out when our next meeting is or how to get involved.  If you are further away – call anyway and let’s talk about how to get things going in your area. 

Our Vision

To create a non-violent and just world for all children

Our Mission

To mobilize the enormous political, social and spiritual power of mothers (and others) to create a non-violent and just world for All children

Bringing this mission and vision alive means we work to:

  • Awaken and coalesce the voices and commitment of mothers on behalf of all children
  • Take violence off the table as an acceptable approach to resolving conflict, getting more of what we want, or dealing with our fears
  • Take care of the children.  Make sure they have:
  • enough food, water and shelter
  • access to adequate healthcare
  • access to adequate education
  • Protect the environment so that we have a viable world to leave our children’s children

Our Values

  • We believe in the inherent value and dignity of all individuals
  • We believe there is strength in differences and seek to understand, celebrate and use our differences to achieve our vision
  • We believe in collaboration.  We will seek out opportunities to work with others who have the same or similar goals.  We will look to connect around what we have in common v. pull apart because of our differences. 
  • We are non-partisan
  • We believe in a non-violent approach to resolving differences
  • We believe in the power of love